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20 Keywords to understand Chinese environmental protection

1. the implementation of new environmental lawsFrom January 1 this year, known as "the most serious" new "Environmental Protection Law" was put into effect. The

2018-08-15 19:40:14

1. the implementation of new environmental laws

From January 1 this year, known as "the most serious" new "Environmental Protection Law" was put into effect. The revised environmental laws includes the strengthening of environmental protection publicity to raise citizen awareness of environmental protection, defining ecological protection red line; control and response to haze and other air pollution, defining the legal status of environmental monitoring agencies, completing the administrative compulsory measures, encouraging environmental  quality organization to do researches on public health impacts, sewage charges and environmental taxes link up, improving regional limited approved system, improving the management system of pollution permits, protecting related whistleblower, expanding body of public environmental interest litigation, increasing environmental law liability and other 12 areas.

2. the new minister appointed

Thirteenth meeting on second session of the NPC Standing Committee was voted through on  February 27 afternoon, and which decided to remove the Minister of Environmental Protection Zhou Shengxian, and to appoint Chen Jining as Minister of Environmental Protection.

3. Red Top agency

On March 7th, Second session of the Third Session of the National People's Congress Press conference was held in Beijing . Environment Minister Chen Jining were at the site to answer the questions from Chinese and foreign media reporters. Chen Jining stated that enviorenmetal issues must be approved without request for money, wearing a red top to earn black money is not allowed, the eight EIA units  are devided out from the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

On December 15, qualification review MEP announcement of 100 EIA mechanism (2015 Fourteenth), which contains four subordinate EIA mechanism, namely Beijing Central Guohong Environmental Resources Technology Co., Ltd. Beijing State atlas world environment technology development Center, Inc., central United (Beijing) Co., Ltd. and Beijing environmental Protection Bureau of environmental Science and technology Co., Ltd. Shang.

The Ministry of Environmental Protection approved the formal approval application for the qualification of these bodies, which means that Environmental Protection Minister Chen Jining fulfiled the commitment on March news conference held at the second session of National People's Congresss , and also marks the eight  EIA mechanism subordinates successful  completed to be out of the Ministry of Environmental Protection  The other four are Environmental Science and Technology Development and Investment Co., Ltd., Green Industry Co., Ltd. Nanjing State Central Institute of Environmental Science and Technology Development and the Ministry of Environmental Protection South China Environmental Science.

4. environmental protection director general's  "Confessions"

On March 23, Environmental micro-channel public platform starts headline article, "Rhino said (paragraph 2) environmental protection director general's Confessions records: I was public relations director, "director of the show". By way of  "self-rejection" approach to let the public have more accurate and more profound understandingon environmental protection. Articles not only caused repercussions in the environmental protection industry, but also caused widespread reports in society which includes Dragon TV, Jiangsu TV, Xinhua News Agency, NetEase News, Surging News and many other news media coverage.

5. the Water ten

On April 16, the highly focused"Water ten" was released which Stressed the full control of pollutant emissions, promoting the transformation and upgrading of economic structure, making efforts to protect water resources, strengthening scientific and technological supports, giving full play to the role of market mechanism, strict environmental law enforcement supervision, strengthening water environment management, protecting the water ecological environment and defining the parties to fulfil the responsibility to strengthen public participation and social supervision to carry out control operations in ten areas  .

6. greenization

In year 2015, the State Council issued "view of accelerating the construction of ecological civilization " proposed "greenization" for the first time, ranked one among the "new five", and its characterization as "political task", putting our economy social development in various fields and industries, various departments and localities have to accelerate the "greenization" and unswervingly follow the "Green water peak castle is Jinshan silver" greenization development policy.

7. environmental protection--"Thirteen Five"

Although environmental protection "Thirteen Five" plan has not been released, but in the meeting point between "12th Five-Year Plan" and "13th Five-Year Plan", "Thirteen Five" environmental protection  will become the hot words of social concern and discussion in year 2015, especially eighteenth fifth plenary session of the Central Committee adopted the "Recommendation 13th Five-Year Plan of the CPC Central Committee on National Economic and Social Development", making environmental planning Thirteen Five to be with more expectations.

8. Linyi environmental protection

On February 25 this year, due to atmospheric pollution, the Environmental Protection Department had an appointment with the mayor of Linyi. Linyi became the first city to be scheduled a meeting after the implementation of  new environmental law. And after CCTV's "Focus Interview" and other media's exposure, caused attention of the public opinion. According to relevant statistics, Shandong Linyi "shock treatment on haze" became a hot topic environmental events last week, the argument between business and the environment was put on the table once again.

On July 7, the website for the Ministry of Environmental Protection issued a document as "East China Supervision Center of  conducting supervision after Linyi to be appointed with improvements, the concentration for the four pollutants declined. Hence environmental protection role to optimize the economic development significantly enhanced," Inspectorates were fully affirmed with Linyi City's rectification and reform work. They considered that the practices in Linyi City were worthy of further review and developing.

9. Tianjin explosion (EIA back pan)

An explosion occured in  Ruihai International Logistics Co., Ltd. located in  Binhai New Area of Tianjin Dongjiang Bonded Area on the evening of August 12. The explosion has killed 17 people, the  real estate buildings such as Vanke  as well as the enterprises in the surrounding areas also suffered losses. The bombing  also put the the EIA issue onto the cusp.

10. the 78 test

Ministry of Finance and State Administration of Taxation was issued on June 12 this year, the issuance of "comprehensive utilization of resources products and services, value added tax preferential directory" (Tax [2015] No. 78, hereinafter referred to as Circular 78), wherein stipultating sewage and garbage, recycled water and sewage mud handling services were to be subject to VAT since July 1, 2015. Under the new regulations, sewage, garbage and sludge treatment services in the tax return of 70, that is required to pay 30 VAT; after tax return of 50 for renewable aquatic products, namely the need to pay 50 VAT.

The policy was issued on June 12 and was formally implemented on July 1. The reaction time was less than 20 business days. Hastily, the tax credit policy for the time and manner were not specified. The introduction of Circular 78 after more than 2 months, there were continous arguements.

11. Atmospheric law three trial

 "Air Pollution Prevention Law" (hereinafter referred to as "atmospheric law") lasted 15 years to be revised. And on August 24, 2015  it was sent to  Sixteenth Meeting of the NPC Standing Committee forthree trial. But it caused a lot of industry experts questioning and controversy. Experts have issued such as "delayed three trial" "melted remake" or "big change" appeal. Pan Yue, vice minister of environmental protection during this interview, said facing the challenge and criticism, the ministry will uphold open with open minded.

12. ecological civilization master plan

In September, the CPC Central Committee, the State Council issued the "ecological civilization master plan," and issued a notice requiring all localities and departments to seriously implement the actual plan.

13. underground possession

On September 25 Environmental micro-channel public platform (HJBUZZ) published real name complaint letters, Zhou Jian Gang reported in real name that Yangzhou Agricultural Chemical Co., Ltd. (Listed company), Jiangsu Changqing Agrochemical Co., Ltd. (Listed company)  carried a large number of illegal landfills hazardous waste for a long time, hence causing serious pollution of groundwater and contaminating drinking water sources. The next day  a temporary suspension for one of as related Listed companies, a Listed Company's Evergreen shares reduced down nearly 5. After exposure, the Ministry of Environmental Protection was held on September 28 and an investigation group was set up, Jiangsu Provincial Environmental Protection Office was under the Joint supervision of the case. Jiangsu Provincial Public Security Environment Food and Drug Crime Investigation Corps also went Jingjiang to do investigations.

14. Parade blue

Since August 20, 2015 to start the Chinese People's Anti-Japanese War and the World Anti-Fascist War commemoration of the 70th anniversary of victory, in the air quality safeguards, motor vehicle limit line, stop limit production for enterprises, construction sites and other downtime mitigation measures were put into practice, together with the surrounding Some surrounding provinces and cities have started ahead of safeguards so that Beijing's air quality continues to be excellent, pm2.5 levels created a continuous concentration of the lowest since the 5th observation records. Following the "APEC blue", the "Parade blue" has become the  the new target of the capital.

15. the country flames (straw burning)

Farmland Straw will lead to a fire every Autumn, particularly this year, the fire burned fiercely. According to Ministry of Environmental Protection to inform the media on October 18, from October 15 to 17, among the National 338 prefecture-level and above, the city of Langfang, Jining, Baoding and other 29 cities undergone severe and more pollution, which was a wide range of haze at the first cold of Autumn.

Meanwhile, the ministry also informed the media the National straw burning from satellite remote sensing to monitor the situation of inspections in the last 2 weeks. From October 5 to 17, the country's 20 provinces, cities and districts have a total monitor of 862 suspected straw burning fire points, an increased quantity of 54 than last year, Shandong, Henan, Liaoning has more than 100 fire points than last year.


16. vertical management

"Proposal of the CPC Central Committee 13th Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development" adopted by the eighteenth session of the Fifth Plenary Session made implementation of vertical management supervision and law enforcement for citys below the provinces, Environmental Protection Agency are to implement a provincial Department of Environmental Protection Board with dual based management system. The county Environmental Protection agency is no longer a single set. In retrospect, all previous reforms were mainly concentrated in the country's highest administrative structure layer to adjust or strengthen the functions and rarely involved local environmental protection departments to perform responsibilities and organizational structure. The reform measures are undoubtedly the most significant environmental institutional initiatives in the last 40 years!

17. the Conference on Climate Change in Paris

From November 30 to December 11 in year 2015, the 21th UN General Assembly on Climate Change opened, nearly 140 world leaders from 195 countries gathered in Paris, then they had a total future global action on climate change agreement at 19:26 Paris time  on December 12,  then after more than 24 hours in the climate change conference in Paris last plenary session, the "Paris Agreement" was born. That means the global response to climate change came into an important step in the process.

18.warning Beijing haze

On the evening of December 7, Beijing heavy air pollution emergency command unit (hereinafter referred to as the Emergency Office) released heavy air pollution red alert, the city started the highest warning level from 7:00 on December 8 to 12:00 on the December 10th. This is the first time Beijing has started a red warning  since year 2013 after"Beijing air heavy pollution emergency plan" was adopted. At 7:00 am on December 19, Beijing started after the red alert for a second time.

19. PPP

In year 2015, PPP mode was in full swing in the country, the industry called PPP first year. National Development and Reform Commission recently announced the second batch of PPP Recommend project, a total of 1488, a total investment of 2.26 trillion yuan, with the first batch of the total investment has reached 3.5 trillion yuan. If coupled with the Treasury Department released two batches of demonstration projects, PPP total investment of more than 4 trillion yuan. In the foreseeable future, PPP will become the mainstream mode of environmental protection industry. But environmentalists consider that PPP projects some problems existing in the process of construction and operation are to be solved, such as receivable accounts deferred or not paid in full, unreasonable price adjustment mechanism, the local government regards the PPP way as the tool to resolve the local debt financing instruments and the like.

20. under the dome

"Under the Dome" was with a lot of controversy, the scientific, professional, authenticity of the vedio has been questioned, but the spread speed of was wide, the spread range was amazing. Objectively speaking, "under the dome" content is biased, we have been able to select as environmental Keywords this year, because the event itself did increase public awareness of environmental protection. (Event Review: On February 28, 2015, reporter Chai Jing resigned from the CCTV , launched her film "under the dome" for haze-depth investigation less than a day, the video click-through rate among maxed network  and mainstream video sites has exceeded 31 million times ended at 0:00 on March 1)